Free crochet blanket pattern

Free crochet blanket pattern

Tutorials for seasonal crotchet blankets. These are not difficult ones, all can quickly be done.

7 animal brooch: butterfly, cat, dog, bird {tutorials}

7 felt animal brooch ideas -

If you like animals, make animal brooches! They will be as cute as real animals. You can make cat, butterfly, hedgehog, bird, squirrel und dog brooches!

Make fabric flower brooch

Blue fabric flower brooch tutorial -

Make a blue flower brooch. You can pin it up to your blouse, dress, balzer ... And it's very beautiful. You can make it at home!

26 felt brooch - flower brooches {tutorials}

26 felt brooch tutorial - 101 Craft

Are you ready? It's time to make felt brooches! Read the tutorial and do it yourself! Have fun!