Free crochet blanket pattern

Free crochet blanket pattern

Tutorials for seasonal crotchet blankets. These are not difficult ones, all can quickly be done.

1. Crochet berry blanket – DIY

This pattern is really simple. The same pattern is repeated everywhere, use yarns of different colours.


2. Ripple reveal pattern

The pattern for this crocheted blanket is not easy but very showy.


3. Free edge pattern

Here you find step by step tutorials for blanket endings.

Free edge

4. Stripe crocheted blanket pattern

Crocheted blanket with striped pattern. Easy to make!


5. Bahama stripe dishcloth pettern – DIY

A very showy, colourful fun pattern with step by step tutorial.


6. Pet blanket pattern

Make some blankets for your pets! It's also crocheted with basket weave technique but it's not difficult.

Pet blanket

7. Crochet borders

This is a tutorial for a slightly more difficult pattern.

Crochet borders