7 Party craft ideas

7 party craft ideas - 101craftideas.com

These ideas are for little children! Homemade Play Doh, chalk, pom-pom. Try them at a children party!

Homemade Play Doh

It's a small gift for kids in the party. The most kids like to play with Play Doh. So make homemade Play Doh! 

homemade play doh


Jewerly making

Make fun jewerlys with little children! Colllect the buttons and plastic pears in your house.

jewerly making


Ice chalk

You can read about 7 ways to make ice chalk. You can make them yourself at home. Come on and do it!

ice chalk


Sidewalk chalk paint

Liquid sidewalk chalk! A very imaginative idea! Girls and boys definitely will enjoy it!

chalk paint


Homemade Grow In The Dark Slime

The best game for boys! Grow-in-the-dark-slime. In a glass it looks like more better!

slime homemade


Yarn basket

You need only glue, plastic wrap and yarn. Make yarn basket with the girls in a girl birthday party.

 yarn basket


Pompon hairband

The pompon should rope only one string, and here is  headband, necklace, bracelet.