Striped straws

Striped straws

The following tutorials show a thousand ways of how to use striped straws. You can make wreaths or candles, and they are all easy to make.

1. DIY striped straws

Orange and white striped straws. Make some fancy supplies for garden parties. All you need is straws, orange coloured paper, glue and scissors.


2. Straw wreath tutorial

Make a wreath of some striped paper straws. You will only need a glue gun, a wreath base and straws.

Straw Wreath Tutorial

3. Funny straws

This is a special way of making straws. You will need some wax, patterned papers, jars, glue and brush.

Paper Drinking Straws

4. Birthday candles

Surprise your birthday-kid with a funny muffin cake that you decorate with DIY candles. It's simple to make, even safe to make at home.

DIY Paper Straw

5. Mustage straws

The moustache motif is really trendy this year! To prepare moustache straws, you will need black paper, glue, scissors and of course straws.


6. Floral cake topper

Decorate your homemade tart with a floral garland placed on striped straws. It's cosy and cheerful. Use matching colours for the flowers and straws!