Striped straws

Striped straws

The following tutorials show a thousand ways of how to use striped straws. You can make wreaths or candles, and they are all easy to make.

8 Easy halloween crafts for kids



If you celebrate Halloween make Halloween crafts! Who said that they must be scary? We show you cute crafts too.

Party supples stores

Party supples stores

These shops are really useful for anyone who likes crafting and DIY.

7 Party craft ideas

7 party craft ideas -

These ideas are for little children! Homemade Play Doh, chalk, pom-pom. Try them at a children party!

11 Halloween decoration crafts



You can make these crafts for Halloween. Come on and make them at home!

Minute to win it game

5 minute to win it game idea -

You can play minute to win it game all the time! But the best time is party time with your friends!