8 Paper tube crafts

Paper tube crafts

Let’s recycle the toilet paper rolls, and make some nice things kids can play with anytime. These crafts are not just for little kids, but older ones, too.

Paper roll dragon tutorial

It’s so much fun for little boys and girls making puppets they can play with together. See the steps there-->


Home made chicks craft for kids

You can make funny birds of toilet paper tubes at home. See how Amanda does it! Here are the steps -->


DIY Bouquet for Mother's day - paper tube crafts

You may not know, but the paper tubes are also good for making a bouquet. It’s an easy-made and a very creative decoration item. The tutorial is here-->


Snowman from paper tubes

Kids love to make snowmen! When winter comes, and it’s cold outside, they have nothing else to do at home, so it’s a big fun. Let’s make a snowman together-->


Paper flower tutorial - easy craft idea

You can make nice vases from toilet paper to decorate your room with. These tips are very easy. See the instructions here-->


Napkin rings from paper tube - tutorial

Do you use a lot of kitchen towels? Now we show you how you can recycle the rolls in a fun way. See how it works-->


DIY bird feeder

The cold is coming, and the birds need some food! Make a bird feeder from toilet paper rolls! Click for the steps-->


Pencil holder tutorial

For kids who love to draw with pencils a pencil holder can come in handy. There is a cheap and easy way to make one. Let's see the tips-->

Pencil holder