8 Crafts for 3 years old

Have fun with your 3-year-old kids! Here you can find some crafts for them that they can make themselves easily.

Painting a Flower Pot

Together with our children we can paint colorful pots for our flowers. It’s an easy and cheap way to have fun! Check out the tips-->


Christmas crafts

When winter comes, especially around Christmas Eve children are getting to be very excited. Let’s make some boots with them. Tips are there-->


Catepillar paint

Let’s recycle egg cartons, and make some homemade crafts out of them with the kids! You only have to cut and paint them. See the instructions here-->


Handprint peacock

The easiest way to paint is doing it with our hands. Kids can do it with us. Learn how to paint a peacock here-->


Homemade Stamp Wheels

If your children love stamping, let them make their own stamps! It's easy and quick. Click here for the ideas-->


Fizzing sidewalk paint

Since it’s an outdoor activity get prepared to that the kids’ clothes could get a little dirty, but it’s a great fun, so let it begin! Here are the instructions-->


Play dough tutorial

Homemade play dough is a great fun for kids, since they can play with it alone and together as well! Let's see the recipes for dough-->


How to make a puffy paint?

You don’t have to buy any paints, if you try this recipe! It’s easy and so much fun. Click for the recipe-->