7 Kids craft table

kids' door

Kids like to draw, glue, paint, etc. So make for your child a craft table! Mums and daddys, are you ready?

Craft table for kids from door

Kids' craft table from door? Of course! In Addition very simple way.


Homemade craft table

In the compartment there is a lots of space so, fit a lot of things which need to craft.

kids' craft table


 Diy craft table for kids

Very crafty idea!  And the kids and parents very like, because don't always have to use another paper if one is already full.

diy mcraft table


Chalkboard table

If your son or daughter like to draw with chalks, make for him/her a chalkboard table! Then he/she could draw also in the house, and inside too.

chalkboard table


Water table 

Little children love to play with water. Make a homemade water table! It much cheaper than a real water table.

water table


Baby cot chalkboard table

Wow! Do you see it? Chalkboard table from baby cot! If you have an unnecessary baby cot, and little children, who love drawing, fabricate a chalkboard table!

baby cot table


 Diy kids table

Kids table from pallet. It looks good! Children like to have a table like that.

diy table