7 Camping activities for kids


Camping for kids is always a funny entertainment. But what should we do at camping? Here are some tips for kids activities.

Camp fire

Camp fire is almost the most important thing in the camping. In the evening it makes the camp's mood. So first build the fire!

fire camp

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Sing around the fire!

If the fire is ready, you can sing around the fire. You can sing traditional and campfire songs. If somebody can play guitar, ask him to play on it, and sing with him!

guitar camp sing

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Spongebob campfire song :)


Make s'mores!

Make S'mores in the fire. You have biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows for it. Yummy!


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smores camp fire

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Game: I'm going on a camping trip, and I'm going to bring...

Sit down in a circle. Play this game: I'm going on a camping trip, and I'm going to bring... . The first person said a thing. For example: I'm going on a camping trip, and I'm going to bring a FLASHLIGHT. The next person has to say something begin with F. For example: Frisbee, Football ...  


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Shadow puppet - with flashlight

Using a flashlight, we can make a shadow puppet in the tent, when it's dark outside. We can play this game: 'Guess the animal' - playing with hands.


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Tell campfire stories! 

The "olds" can tell stories for the kids. It's very funny, when it's dark outside. You can tell stories in the tent, or next to fire.


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Let's canoeing!

If you are camping near a lake, rent canoes and go canoeing!


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