9 Leather bracelets for men

men bracelet tutorial

Everybody knows how hard it is to find an appropriate gift for a man. But now we show you some tips with the help of which you can make unique leather bracelets for men easily. On this site we show you multiple methods. Don’t be afraid; neither of them is too difficult. They are easy to make, and they will make a perfect surprise for his birthday, name day, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

1.Leather lanyard bracelet tutorial

Here you can learn how to combine pinning with using coasters. It’s very easy. But if you want to give it to a girl as a gift, use a different color.



2. Homemade bracelet tutorial - for men

Would you like to surprise someone with a very special gift? Here you can learn how to make a bracelet that can be wrapped around the wrist in multiple lines. It’s a stylish and creative accessory for any man.

leather wrap


3. Leather choker for pendants - How to make tutorial

A special clasp made for a leather stripe. You will not believe how easy it is to make.



4. Braided leather DIY

If you don’t know how to make a leather braid without cutting the end of the stripes, you can learn it here. You won’t believe your eyes!

braided leather tutorial


5. How to make leather cuff

If you have some leftover leather at home that you can’t use for anything, you can learn here how to make a unique bracelet saving as much material as possible. Creating these you won’t have 2 identical cuffs in the family.



6. How to make a leather bracelets

If you don’t have any dark leather at home, you can make this bracelet from light leather, too, but this will be a little more difficult to make. You can paint the braid bracelet using your favorite colors.

how to make


7. Leather knot bracelet tutorial

If you’d like to make a bracelet in the shape of an infinity symbol for your boyfriend, check this article. You can make identical bracelets for yourselves in a few steps.

knot cuff


8. Studded leather bracelet homemade

We show you 5 different kinds of bracelets, all of them are very easy to make. It’s not true it would be hard to find a gift for a man.



9. Good idea for bracelet!

Making this bracelet you can choose which side of the stripes you want to use. You can use either the shiny or the matte side of them.

men bracelet