How to make bracelet

Here are several techniques and tutorials for bracelets. Some are made of wire, some of yarns, threads, ... these are really elegant bracelets and yet easy to make.

1. Memory bracelet – DIY

A simple way to make memory bracelets made of wire and beads. Can quickly be done.

wrap bracelet

2. Handmade wrap bracelet

Beaded bracelet made of leather string and beaded chains. Really easy to make.


3. Hardware bracelet tutorial

A thicker rope is wrapped with embroidery thread. Add some brass compression sleeves and you are practically done. They really take only minutes to create.

Hardware Store Bracelets

4. Pearl bracelet with bow – DIY

A simpler pearl bracelet with a little bow. Takes only a few minutes to make.

pearl and bow

5. Homemade t-shirt bracelets

Finger knitted t-shirt bracelet. Recycle your old t-shirts. Cut it into pieces and start knitting.


6. Leather stud bracelet – tutorial

Easy to make trendy bracelets for girls. Just a simple spiked leather belt that can be done quickly.


7. Pink bracelet with bow for girl

Stretchy rubber band bracelet. It's easy as pie as you only have to thread the beads onto the stretchy band and you are done. Decorate it with a bow.


8. Twist wire bracelet –DIY

Twisted wire bracelet. After threading the beads onto the wire, twist the wires to fix the beads. Intermediate level.