Friendship necklaces

Friendship necklaces

Friendship necklaces can be very special. You may make a pair that fit together or you can also create unique ones.

1. How to make bottle necklace

Make DIY bottle necklaces. Use tiny bottles, place some decoration or a message inside, or something that is so typical of you two! On Etsy you can find a load of mini-bottles.


2. DIY Bottle cup friendship necklace.

You can even use bottle caps for friendship necklaces! It may remind you of some event you both liked.

bottle cap

Another type of bottle cap pendants:

3. Friend necklade - homemade

For this necklace you just need a thicker cotton rope and some colourful embroidery thread.

DIY Friendship Necklace

4. Friendship necklace - buttons

This necklace is rather for schoolchildren or kindergarteners. It can be fun to make these necklaces together at a birthday party!

Animal Button Necklace

5. How to make puzzle necklace

This is a classic best friend necklace. The puzzle pieces fit together and cling to each other just like best friends.


6. Do it yorself mini book necklace

This mini book necklace is a truly special friendship necklace. Share your secrets in the mini book!

book tutorial

7. Pencil necklace tutorial

Recycle your old pencils! Make a pencil necklace from used pencils.


The same with a little twist:

pencil necklace DIY