Free crochet baby blanket pattern

crochet baby blanket pattern

Here are some tutorials for baby blankets. We recommend you use soft thread as babies have really soft and sensitive skin. On the other hand crochet is a much tighter technique than knitting.

1. Pretty and pink baby blanket

Pink baby-blanket made of small rectangles. This is a really time-consuming technique, but also very simple.


2. Simple baby blanket - DIY

Simple blue and ecru striped crochet baby-blanket. The pattern looks like billows. This is really easy to make!


3. Shell baby blanket patern

Pearl-white baby blanket with shell pattern.


4. Little blue baby blanket

Baby blanket for boys made of small squares. Really easy and quick to make.

baby granny

5. Blackberry salad blanket pattern – DIY

A really soft blanket for babies with a cheerful striped pattern.

free pattern

6. White baby blanket with blue edge

Simple, white blanket with blue trim. Very easy to make!

baby blanket

7. Willow’s cherry baby blanket

A pink cherry blossom blanket for baby girls. This is also really easy to make and can be done very quickly.


8. Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket

An easy to make blanket made of three colours. Each chain is worked into the other, each row consists of some unworked parts into which the next row has to be worked into.