11 + 3 Recycling crafts for kids


Recycling is a very useful action. And you can make a lot of crafts, if you collect for example the old light bulbs, the cardboard tubes, the paper ...

9 Easy art projects for kids

Like to be creative! Here are some art project for kids, start to do them with your child!

10 Bird crafts for kids


Do your kids like the birds? Let's see some handmade tips for your family for the summertime!

10 Autumn crafts for kids

autumn craft ideas

Autumn is coming. We show you some ideas for autumn, so you can prepare for it! These crafts are for kids.

8 Craft for teens



If you have lot of freetime and you like create things you may like these tips for your summertime.

11 Easy paper crafts for kids

paper craft ideas - 101craftideas.com

Paper is a very useful invention. And we can do a lot of imaginative crafts about it. Lets do the bests with kids!

9 Art project for middle school


There are some practical ideas, tips for the middle schoolers from the theme of ART. Let's see them step by step.

6 Summer craft ideas


It's summer, no school, beach, fruits ... so enjoy it :D We show some summer craft ideas, make them at home!

8 Homemade crafts for kids


If you have time make crafts with your children! It's a very funny pastime.

7 Kids craft table

kids' door

Kids like to draw, glue, paint, etc. So make for your child a craft table! Mums and daddys, are you ready?