11 Halloween decoration crafts



You can make these crafts for Halloween. Come on and make them at home!

8 Ladybug crafts

 Ladybug crafts

There are some tutorials wich are about the ladybugs. For younger and elder ones too! 

8 Easy halloween crafts for kids



If you celebrate Halloween make Halloween crafts! Who said that they must be scary? We show you cute crafts too.

8 Paper tube crafts

Paper tube crafts

Let’s recycle the toilet paper rolls, and make some nice things kids can play with anytime. These crafts are not just for little kids, but older ones, too.

7 Party craft ideas

7 party craft ideas - 101craftideas.com

These ideas are for little children! Homemade Play Doh, chalk, pom-pom. Try them at a children party!

8 Crafts for 3 years old

Have fun with your 3-year-old kids! Here you can find some crafts for them that they can make themselves easily.

Minute to win it game

5 minute to win it game idea - 101craftideas.com

You can play minute to win it game all the time! But the best time is party time with your friends! 

10 Fish crafts for kids


If you just finding fish crafts for kids, read this article. We show you 10 fish crafts.

Duct tape crafts for kids

Duct tape crafts

The Duct tape is a very strong type of adhesive tape that you can buy with patterns as well and use for various creative DIY tasks.

10 Science crafts for kids


Hey kids! Make fantastic and interisting science crafts and experiments!