7 Summer arts and crafts for kids

7 summer art and craft for kids - 101craftideas.com

It's summer, so make summer arts and crafts for kids! There are lots of fantastic idea!

12 Cork crafts


Would you like to recycle wine corks? We colllected a lot of ideas to what to do with corks. 

8 Organza favor bags

8 organza favor bags

The organza bags are praktical little thigs, what we can use for storeing earrings, favoring lavenders or camilles. We can make our favor bags easily.

7 Boat in bottle


Do you know how a ship in bootle is made? Look that, and make it yourself!

7 Craft envelope


Lovely, cute, adorable, gorgeous, practical ... Choose one and make an envelope!

8 Bottle cap craft

8 bottle cap craft tutorial - 101craftideas.com

You can do a lots of things with bottle cup. You can collect or craft with it. There are plenty of bottle-cap-craft . Look here  some of these!

10 Home made wedding favours

Home made wedding favours - 101craftideas.com

Do you want to create at your home some wedding favours? Lets see the inspirations!

Striped straws

Striped straws

The following tutorials show a thousand ways of how to use striped straws. You can make wreaths or candles, and they are all easy to make.

8 Craft pom poms


Pom poms are very funny. You can make them easily! Make pom poms with children!

Party supples stores

Party supples stores

These shops are really useful for anyone who likes crafting and DIY.