10 Felt Slippers

felt slipper

Instead of boring home slippers here is the colorful felt slipper! Individul both in the shape and both in the colours. Be for everyone in the family a felt slipper which expressing their individuality. Do it yourself or buy it!

How to make homemade felt slippers - tutorials

DIY felt slippers - decorated with wool tapes

This felt slipper is decorated with colorful wool tapes. You can make it easy with a few ingredients. Follow the tutorials instructions.

colorful felt slipper


Homemade felt slippers

Unique wool felt slippers. Here is a detailed tutorial for easy realization.

unique felt slipper


Make elf slippers!

We can make this (elf legs suits) felt slipper, with the detailed description with photos. Using wool, water and soap.

elf felt slipper

felt slippers


Make your own felt slippers at home! - videos

How to make felt slippers

With this video we can make our own invidual wool felt slippers. If we use more colours it will be more happy.


Felt slipper - detailed video

This video shows the steps very detailed. With this you can make a felt slipper using wool, soap and water.


Purchasable homemade felt slippers - ETSY

Felt slippers for women

Green, pink or blue felt slippers for women. Comfort and happiness.

green pink blue felt slippers


Fashionable felt slipper

Turquoise, gray and yellow color transition felt slipper. Fashionable, with edge on the heel.

felt slipper


Felt slipper for kids

Children will definitely like this cute bug. They won't take off it of their feet.



Slavic felt slipper

This richly decorated felt slipper was inspired by slavic culture.

slavic felt slipper


Goblin style felt slipper

Soft felt slippers for home, in goblin style. Not only for kids, but also for happy adoults.

funny felt slipper