11 Acorn craft

acorn top

We show you crafts ideas for acorns. What can you do with acorns? Read the article and you will know it!

Modern acorn art with wire

If you like modern art, make this fashionable acorn! It will looks good in your living room.

acorn craft

Photo: Flickr ebbandflo_pomomama CC license

Let's paint acorn tops

If you like these colorful acorn tops, make them at home easy! Firs collect acorns to do it.

acorn top paint



Homemade acorn garland

This acorn garland doesn't include real acorns, rather paper acorns. But it's a very good fall acorn garland!

garland fall acorn homemade


DIY acorn earring

This cute earring is made of little acorns. See the tutorial and do it yourself!

earring acorn diy


How to make acorn bird feeder

Do you like birds? (In winter) make an acorn-shaped bird feeder, and fill it with seeds.

bird feeder how to make


Acorn cap ring

I like this acorn idea. Lovely acorn cap idea. You can make it yourself!

ring acorn cap


Acorn garland for kids

Make an acorn garland for kids. It can be a decoration in the kid's room.

acorn garland kids


 DIY Autumn acorn jewelery

Simple and easy acorn crafts. You can wear them in autumn. It's very fashionable.

autumn acorn jews


Strawberry or acorn magnet? - acorn craft

Make this funny acorn craft. Is this a strawberry or acorn magnet? 

strawberry acorn


Little acorn people pin

Like a fall leaf with acorn head. Follow the instructions and do it yourself!

people acorn


Pine-cone acorn craft

You can make big acorns using pine-cones. They will be look like as acorns.

pine cone acorn craft