10 Paper mache figures


You can make a lot of crafts made from paper mache! Also useful and amusing objects too.

DIY Paper mache teacup

The first idea is a paper mache cup. It's so cute! Make one az home!

paper mache tea cup cute

Photo: Constanza CC licence

Homemade reindeer mask

You can make masks at home. For example you can make this deer mask made from paper mache.

reindeer mask deer paper mache

Photo: Miguel CC licence

Bycicle - paper mache

Make paper mache toys for kids! These bikes are good for it.

bycicle bike paper mache

This bycicle can be used as pencil holder.

bike pencil holder paper mache

Photos: KINYA HANADA CC licence

DIY paper ducks

These ducks look like real ducks. Imagine, they're made of paper. Of paper mache.

ducks paper mache

You can see, they are really made of paper mache!

duck paper mache

Photos: Hil CC license

Paper mache puppet show

This is fantastic! You can make at home a ballet recital, if you make a homemade little thater.


Photo: artfulblogger CC licence

Homemade little theater

This is also a little thater calles sea theater. And it's also made from paper mache.

sea theater little paper mache

Photo: artfulblogger CC licence

Paper mache carousel

You need for this carousel only newspaper, cardboard and paper mache.

circus carousel paper mache toy

Photo: artfulblogger CC licence

Paper mache idea: cat and dog

If you like cats or dogs, why don't you make a paper mache cat or dog? 

cat dog paper mache

Photo: patti haskins CC licence

How to make paper chickens and hens - tutorial

Make chickens and hens from cardboard boxes! See the tutorial and do it.

chicken hens paper cardboard


Homemade animals - paper mache head

These animals have paper mache head. If you like it make it at home!

animals paper mache