8 Organza favor bags

8 organza favor bags

The organza bags are praktical little thigs, what we can use for storeing earrings, favoring lavenders or camilles. We can make our favor bags easily.

DIY french organza bag

Easy and spectacular form of the organza bags. Let's see the tutorial-->


Purchasable organza bag

If you prefer the most easiest way to have an organza favor bag, you can order from the Etsy webshop. See the assortments-->

purchasable organza

Organza favor bags filling

Home made favor bag

This stuffing is the best to fill your gardrobe or your room a pleasant and relaxing fragrance. Lets see how it goes-->with 


Lavender bag toutorial

The lavender is the most famous herbal. If you want to smell it for whole days you just need an organza or a natural bag. You can find the process there-->


Christmas favour recipe

You can fill the organza bags with this stuffs. Because of the cinnamon and orange it smells like christmas. Let's look the recipe-->


Home made potpourri for womens

Keep calm a little and relax with this aroma. Its easy to make this kind of potpurry. See the steps-->

Womens day

Garden inspired favor bag

The ingreedients are not far from you if you have a garden. Just go out and collect some of your favourit things. Click for the recipe-->


Favor bag from India

The middle east seductive fragrants can be smelld at your home too. Just get into the ingreedients and put togedher as the recipe says. See how it goes-->