8 Bottle cap craft

8 bottle cap craft tutorial - 101craftideas.com

You can do a lots of things with bottle cup. You can collect or craft with it. There are plenty of bottle-cap-craft . Look here  some of these!

Bottle cap bow

Girls love jewelry, hair ornament. Make a bow, cap decoration!

bottle cap bow 


Glitter bottle cap necklace

Are you love glittery, shiny things? This is your jewelry. If you like, do-it-yourself!

glitter bottle cap


Bottle cap pie

Mmm ... yummy! These little pies are very good, for fridge decorations!

bottle cap pie


Bottle cap ring

Wow, very cool rings. You can draw on it smileys or any other form, eg. letters.

bottle cap ring


Bottle cap rubber ring

Doing yourself a hair bandm, like as you want! Just pick a beautiful material, a cap and a hair band.

bottle cap rubber ring


Diy bottle cap magnets

Make yourself unique magnet!  You can give a gift, but you can place it to the fridge or memo board.

bottle cap magnet


Diy bottle cap candle

Little tiny candles are occasions when there are only ornaments candlelight. So little, so it fits in your pocket or any little places.

 bottle cap candle


Bottle cap bookmarks

Bookmark as gifts or for yourself! Great as a gift for Mother's Day or  birthday.It's very easy to make.

bottle cap bookmarks