Wood craft ideas

Wood craft ideas

If you need for your craft work a material that you can find anywhere, then you definitely need wood. Choose from the ideas below and all you have to do is to collect some tree branches, twigs and sticks in your garden, at the park or forest.

1. Candle-holders

Use some sticks to make a rustic candle-holder. They are really useful and charming and a must for summer nights. Easy to make, give a try!

Wood Sticks


2. Wooden orb

This tutorial shows you how to create a very unique wooden orb for your home. You need a lot of small and short sticks and a ball to shape your orb.



3. Sailboats

Make some driftwood sailboats! Water and beach lovers will adore this decoration. All you need is some wooden sticks and a piece of canvas for the sails.



4. Driftwood holder

Drift wood is smooth thanks to the water of seas and streams. Let's use these fancy looking, beautiful pieces and make some drift-wood hangers! They can be great decoration for your home! Great for scarves, hats or necklaces.



5. Branch spools

Do you have some twines, strings or yarns laying around in your drawers? This is a great idea and a cheap and easy way of how to keep them safe.

branch spools


6. Vintage arrow

Also kids will have fun while creating these arrows. They can decorate and colour them as they like. All they need is glue, scissors, feathers, strings and sticks.