Paper craft ideas


One of my favourite material is paper as it comes in the most various colours, patterns, shapes, forms and thickness. Here are some ideas how to use paper creatively.

1. Handmade Gift Boxes

Would you like to wrap a small gift? If you like to cut, glue and fold, this is exactly what you need. Make this small diamond-shaped gift box. It can be done easy and quick.


2. Double fringed paper flowers

Those who love DIY and craft will love this short tutorial about how to make some really beautiful double fringed flowers with only using paper, scissors and some glue.


3. Stationery organizer made of paper

This is a really smart and girlish organizer. You can create it yourself using all your favourite colours.


4. Tissue paper flowers tutorial

Flowers, like you have never seen before. A new tutorial to make some fabulous tissue paper flowers. All you will need besides tissue paper is a ping-pong ball and some wire. Attach them to some fancy gifts and make them very showy.


5. Paper pinwheel

Make some decor paper pinweels! Fun gifts for kids or for parties as decoration. They are quick and easy to make. Decorate them with stones or buttons.



Do you also usually forget where you have stopped reading your favourite book? Make your own fancy corner book-marks. It's very simple, even children can make them with a little help.