Cardboard letters

Cardboard letters

 The best cardboard letters - compilation - DIY

1. Decorating Ready-to-Use Letters

The easiest way to make unique letters is to buy them at a store, and paint or decorate them ourselves.

decor home

2. DIY Fabric-Coated Letters

You can use the letters you bought another way, too. You can also coat them with fabric.

how to fabric letters

3. Paper Letters Decorated with Pom-Poms

We can decorate our huge letters made of any material with these pom-poms easily.

pom pom letter

4. Papier-Mâché Letters Made of Paper Cups

And finally a really unique way to create your own huge letters! The paper cups give them a 3D effect.


5. Homemade cardboard letter


6. DIY cardboard letters


7. Letters from cardboard - how to make