Large wooden letters

Large wooden letters

Besides being very nice and stylish, the huge letters have a very special meaning for their owners. We can spell the name of an event that’s important for us, but we can also use the huge letters to create names of cities or the words XOXO or LOVE and so on. We show you below how you can make these decorative huge letters at home.

1. How to make large wooden letters

handmade letters

2. How to make pallet wood letter


3. Wooden chalk letters - homemade


First we paint the wooden letters using some dark color, then paint it white and polish it or wipe the paint off to get the vintage look.

4. Letters from Fiberboard.

These letters doesn’t have a 3D effect, but they can also be easily decorated.

letter art

5. DIY Artificial Turf Letters

It’s a really unusual way to create decorative letters: we have to cover them with a fabric that looks like artificial turf.