13 Button crafts

button free tutorial

In this article we will show you how to make gifts and home decoration items from buttons. We gathered some pieces that are easy and fast to make, so those who have never tried anything like this can also make them. But the experienced readers can also find their favorite pieces. Attaching the buttons we can use glue, thread or a piece of wire.

1. Make a napkin ring from buttons!

You have to glue the button on a wooden rod. Medium time required.


2. You can make a necklace from buttons as well

You only have to attach the 2 buttons to each other with a small piece of wire. It’s fast to create, and makes a perfect gift.

Layered Button Necklace


3. Felt + button homemade butterfly craft

This is a butterfly made from felt and buttons. It can also be made into a pin. This decoration item is fast to make.



4. Letter craft idea

Make a decoration letter for the kids’ room’s door! Cut out the letter, and attach the colored buttons with a glue gun.

Monogram Element Craft Tutorial


5. Flowers from button - tutorial

Create tiny flowers from colored buttons! It’s a nice table decoration piece, which is easy and fast to make.

Do It Yourself


6. Button flower decoration - DIY

Watching this video you can learn how to make decorations for the kids’ room. You only need some buttons and glue.

Button Flowers Craft Tutorial


7.T-shirt button decor - homemade

Here you can learn how to make nice outfits decorated with buttons for toddlers and nursery kids. You can also use a sewing machine, but it’s easier to attach the buttons by hand.

t-shirts and button


8. Beautiful button craft!

Making this piece you have to glue the buttons to a shape you cut out previously. It’s fast to make, and the kids can also help.

Button Letter Craft tutorial


9. Button bracelet tutorial

This bracelet was made from a lot of identical buttons, which we attached to each other with a fishing line. It’s very fast to make.

quick crafting


10. Homemade candle holder

You can also make a lampion using buttons. Attach the buttons to the glass with a glue gun. It’s fast to make and makes a nice gift.

Candle holders


11. Bowl from buttons

Here we’ll show you how to make a bowl from buttons. Since you have to glue a lot of buttons to each other, this piece is a little bit difficult to make.

bowl buttons


12. Decoration idea from buttons

You can use this tree as a decoration in the living room or in the kids’ room. Since it has to dry, it takes a little time to make it, but it’s not impossible at all.



13. Simple button necklace - how to

It’s a simple necklace; you only have to thread the buttons onto it. This piece of jewelry is fast and easy to make.

easy necklace of buttons