8 Art ideas for teenagers

art ideas for teenagers

Let's see some room decors, gifts what you can do it yourself. There are some painting, drawing and sculpting ideas.

Monogram art tutorial

When your wall is empty you should cheers up it with a paint by yourself. Choose a sentence, word or just a letter and paint them with this process. Paint tips are there-->

art monogram

Mod roc sculpture tutorial

Make it and paint it! Build up your favourite animal, flower, dinosaurus and paint it as you imagine. See the tutorial-->


Chair repair tutorial

Do you want to repair your oldschool wood chair in your room? Girls you need the pink colour and some fab ribbon. See how it goes-->


DIY Bird picture 

Just cut it and stick it and let's see your wonderfull bird! Easy and cheap way to dacorate your room. Click here-->

bird picture

Easy button art

After you collct some buttons, you just stick them on to the cardboard or wood. Choose some pattern for example tree, bird, cloud or flower. Let's stick like this-->

button art

DIY wall art

Now we will show you how can you paint a fabulous painting. There are a lot of colors what will be the treasure of your room. Paint with us-->


How to draw a butterfly

Don't you know that drawing a realistic butterfly is not complycated? There is a help to draw your own butterfly what you can put on your wall. See the steps-->


Flower origami tutorial

Folding your paper flowers with the instructions and decorate your room with them. Start the origami and more-->

flower origami